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Home of the World's Largest Vampire Bat!


From American Road Volume XVI Number 3

Think Big!
World's Largest Vampire Bat
Louisville, Kentucky
By: Erika Nelson

Caufield's Novelty is a Louisville staple - not only for Halloween, but also for all costume, magic, and decoration needs. Its ever-changing storefront showcases the theme for the season, while the side of the building serves as an evergreen perch for the store's iconic piece: the World's Largest Bat.

Not to be confused with the World's Largest Baseball Bat, which can be found three blocks away, leaning against the Louisville Slugger Museum, the World's Largest Bat at Caufield's is a representation of a mammal of the night. Measuring 24 feet tall and 16 feet wide, the giant vampire bat hands out on an electrical conduit at the top of Caufield's red brick wall, watching over the visitors' parking area. Awake, yet with wings folded, it rests in expectation of a grand flight, its red floodlight eyes piercing the twilight hours.

The bat is the work of Kerry Caufield, whose lifetime in the family business creating animated displays and prototype animatronics for retail sale provided the know-how to build the signature piece. He constructed a smaller, three-foot prototype before embarking on the larger steel and fiberglass form, perfecting the shape and feel in the expansive works pace above the shop.