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Spray Blood Aerosol

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Item Number: DE202

Aresol Spray Blood

With Spray Blood, you can easily create realistic blood spatter effects on costumes, props, party decorations, banners & more.

Non-toxic, Non-flammable,Dries quickly, Not sticky.  BULLET HOLE EFFECT:
Costume position should be vertical. Hold can steady.
Spray blood in one spot and allow to drip, then release trigger.
DRIPPING BLOOD EFFECT: Costume position should be vertical.
Spray blood slowly in a straight line, allowing blood to drip.
BLOOD SPATTER EFFECT: Randomly spray blood pattern all over surface of costume.

Put plastic or cardboard between layers of fabric to prevent blood from soaking through.
Protect work area from overspray with tape or paper.
Shake can well before using. Tear off safety tab.
Hold can about 8 inches from surface of project.
Maintain even pressure on trigger, do not pump.
Blood will spray in a thin, steady stream.
Let dry approximately one hour before wearing.
Spray Blood stays soft on fabric.

This product is intended for use in decorating not for use in a makeup application.

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