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MICHAEL MYERS Costumes, Masks and More from
You can find Michael Myers Merchandise from the original Halloween movie to the most recent installments from Rob Zombie in H1 and H2! The original Michael Myers Mask and Costumes for adults and children are available now for immediate delivery!

Michael Myers will be very sought after this season with the Rob Zombie's 2nd Halloween Movie and brings you the only officially licensed mask available. Make sure that you get your Michael Myers attire today.
During the last Halloween movie release the Michael Myer Mask was not released. Now in stock at a great deal the new Michael Myers Mask will be a big hit for Halloween or your next party. Be like Mike Myers today purchase any of our Michael Myers mask and Michael Myers costume before they are gone.
Mike Myers has been the number Halloween character in the history of Halloween. Become Michael Myers in one of our licensed Don Post Michael Myers Mask. We guarantee these are top quality masks at great prices and we deliver FAST. Your neighborhood will never be the same if you are lurking around with this Michael Myers Mask.


Official Michael Myers Adult Costume - In the movie, Michael killed a tow truck driver, and then took his mechanics jumpsuit and boots. This costume was inspired by the famous horror film and features the character's signature blue knit jumpsuit. To complete this costume, just add the official Michael Myers latex mask and you are all set for a Hallowen night.

Adult Michael Meyers Costume from Halloween 


Children's Michael Myers Jumpsuit - Available in 2 Sizes
Rob Zombie H2 Halloween Michael Myers Mask from Don Post Studios
Halloween Michael Myers Mask - Finally, a Michael Myers' mask that looks like the real thing. The classic faceless killing machine Michael Myers trademark mask can now be yours at last! The "Official Halloween Michael Myers Deluxe Mask" is recast from the Original 1970s "Captain Kirk" by Don Post Studios worn by Nick Castle as "The Shape" in the first Halloween movie. Don Post has recreated their original mask in high quality latex, and each one features hand laid synthetic hair and airbrushing.

The classic faceless killing machine MICHAEL MYERS's trademark mask can now be yours at last! This mask is recast from the ORIGINAL 1970s "Captain Kirk" mask molds by DON POST STUDIOS worn by Nick Castle as "The Shape" in John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN!


Halloween Michael Myers Clown Prop 
Rob Zombie's Halloween Remake MaskInside every one of us there is a dark side...unleash yours this Halloween with the official Rob Zombie Mike Myers Halloween mask. You provide the eyes of a psycho in this classic theme...
Michael Myers Rob Zombie Mask Rob Zombie's new Halloween movie has a new look for Michael Myers. Dirty, slashed and disgustingly realistic. Very similar to the one used in the movie.


Original Mychael Myers "The Mask" Just when you thought you'd seen the last of Michael Myers, Don Post brings him back! For all of you Halloween fans, here's a great release from Don Post Traditionals!