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Jason Voorhees Costume Ideas and More
Jason Voorhees supposedly drowned at Camp Crystal Lake on Friday the 13th. His mother blamed the Camp Crystal Lake counselors for not watching her child and embarked on a murder spree at the camp. Legend has it that his mother brought Jason back from the grave and others believe that when his mother was decapitated by one of her intended victims, Jason came back from the dead to pick up where she left off. Best known for wearing a battered hockey mask, Jason's choice of fashion has become  a horror icon.
Jason Voorhees Costume - Our Friday the 13th costumes will have everyone feeling like a counselor from Crystal Lake and running scared!

Jason Vorhees Mask - Best known for wearing a battered hockey mask we have several options available to be this legendary frightner!

Jason's WeaponsNeedless to say, Jason has used just a arsenal of weapons to kill his victims with at Camp Crystal Lake and elsewhere. But we think that a blood splattered machete is probably what comes to mind when you think of Jason

Jason Decorations - Looking for "Killer" Decorations? You will love this easy and realistic Jason Vorhees Door Gore