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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it Cost Anything to be in the Parade?
It normally does not cost anything to be in the parade, but you must register so we know you're coming! However, if you plan on handing out commercial materials (brochures, buttons, coupons, fliers, etc..) then there is a $100 registration fee. 

Can My Kids and I Just Jump In At The End? Actually, yes you can. At the end of the Parade, we encourage people who have arrived in costume to jump in and march along! Granted, we'd prefer you register and get a place in the parade line-up so we know you're coming.

What Can I Do In The Parade? Almost anything goes, Be Creative! (Check out last year's pictures!) Build a Float! Decorate your Car! Make A Banner and March with it! Group Costumes! Marching Bands! Roller Skates and Unicycles! Stilt walkers!

Where's The Best Place To Watch The Parade? There are a host of businesses along the Parade Route where you can eat, drink, and watch the parade. Additionally, there's a few miles of sidewalks along the route as well! Anywhere you can find a place to stand or sit. You may want to bring some lawn chairs. And don't forget the review stand area at the end of the Route on the corner of Baxter and Barret Avenue in front of the Baxter Avenue Morgue!

Can I Play Music On My Float? Sure you can! We ask you to make sure the lyrics are G-rated though. The only thing we ask that you not do, is throw stuff to the crowd. We don't want people rushing into the parade traffic to catch candy, or pick up prizes. A fun parade is one where nobody gets run over by a float.