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We appericate any oppurtunity to have News coverage and like to share.  Here are some recent segments-
  • Story titled "Dressed to shrill"  By Ken Neuhauser of the Courier-Journal October 20, 2009 Click Here! 
  • Story titled "Ex-scream makeover: Haunted home edition" By Ken Neuhauser of the Courier-Journal October 19, 2009 Click Here!
  • Story titled "After surviving the Great Depression, 2 local businesses still thrive in today's economy" aired on Whas 11 News 10/28/08.    Click Here!
  • Story titled "Even in the slowing economy, one company says scary is good" aired on Fox 41 News 10/20/08.  Click Here!
  • Story Titled "Which Costumes are Halloween's Hottest?" that aired on WLKY32 October 17th, 2008. Click Here!