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144th Kentucky Derby Logo Decal

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Kentucky Derby Perfect Cut Color Decal 8" x 8

Our 8"x 8" Perfect Cut decals feature the official logo of the 2018 Kentucky Derby 144 and are made of outdoor vinyl, permanent adhesive, image cut to the outside dimension of logo, full color detail is printed with a 3 year outdoor rating. Supplied with a clear liner, transfer tape, and application instructions. Made in the USA.

Application instructions:

 Directions for application:
1.  Clean surface thoroughly (temperature should be above 50° f)
2.  Turn decal upside-down (imprint side down) and place on a flat surface.
3.  Separate the clear liner from the foggy “pre-mask” material making sure the decal stays attached to  the “pre-mask”. If needed, use your fingernail to hold the edge of the decal to the “pre-mask” when removing clear liner.
4.  Carefully place decal in desired position.  With fingers (or a credit card) firmly rub decal from the center out in all directions.
5.  Remove “pre-mask” at a 180 degree angle (rub down decal as necessary).
6.  Puncture bubbles with sharp needle; then lightly press area to remove trapped air.

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