Garland of Roses Horseshoe

Garland of Roses Horseshoe

Garland of Roses Horseshoe

  • One-sided
  • 17 inches long

Clinching the Kentucky Derby Garland of Roses rivals the glory of hoisting the Stanley Cup, the pride of slipping on the Masters green jacket and the pomp of receiving an Olympic gold medal. Originally a gift for female attendees at swish Louisville Derby parties, the Garland of Roses crystallizes the heart of the winner and the rich tradition of the race. If you ask us, it also makes a dandy centerpiece at a Derby do! With artificial roses covering a gold-foiled horseshoe silhouette, our Garland of Roses makes your party venue pop. Hang one on your front door or give a few out to guests who bet on the winning horse.

Price: $19.95
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